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Rishikesh Yoga

The Capital Of Yoga

Rishikesh is popularly known as "Capital of Yoga" among foreigner but Indian considers it as a spiritual place, a place which has all the conditions suitable for spirituality and a natural environment needed for spiritual practices. The physical conditions such as air, water, earth and akash (sky) are pure and soothing to one's requirement of spiritual practices. You can see lots of sadhus (Spiritualists) sitting near the banks of holy river Ganga and kills the heat, enjoy the cool breeze while meditating. The air near the banks of Ganga is as cool as you are sitting in an air-conditioned room but air is fresher than it. We feel real freshness and rejuvenation just by morning or evening walk around Ganga.

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The water of Ganga comes from the melting of the ice from Himalayas and it flows down containing many herbs in it. It is believed in India that water of Ganga is like nectar and that's why Indian people used its water for puja (prayer) and also in medicines. Mostly spiritualists like to drink its water from its source near Gangotry.

In case of scenic beauty it is amazing place. Rishikesh is located where you can find three things at place one mountains, two plane and third the holy Ganga. According to one sadhu "it is unique place, which is its own kind in the world and best place to learn, practice and teach yoga."

Yoga is all around in the Rishikesh and every kind of yoga is there. It is full there or you can say from step one i.e. beginner level to higher or advanced kind of yoga. Some teach it in free while other charge fee for teaching. Spiritualists usually teach yoga for free to spread the actual knowledge of yoga.

It is very easy to find a good asana teacher but it is very difficult to find a true spiritual teacher or a higher yoga teacher, but it all depends on your knowledge of yoga. Some time it is difficult to distinguish between a yogi and religious priest. Yoga is very broad term which includes four ways or paths Raja Yoga, Karma yoga, Jayana Yoga and Bhakti yoga. Every path leads to same state which we say state of yoga, astste in which there is no movement in the consciousness a higher state of bliss where a person lifts his mind to position where he has no attachment to goodness and badness and can see self as it is. It is state of self realization in which he witnesses himself that he is. In other words it is the state of Samadhi or salvation which is achieved by lord Budha or Saint Dayananda or Guru Gobind sing or by Meera. Once a person tastes it afterwards other taste fade up from the memory.

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But if you are searching yoga for physical fitness or health or you can say you are beginner in yoga, you need to attend a yoga class which includes asana or yoga poses to remove toxins from the body, pranayama or breathing techniques to purify your energy or pranna and meditation to purify your mind. These kinds of classes are lot there in Rishikesh, you need to search your type by yourself by attending few classes in different places and which practice sooths you became yours favorite